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Beijing Match Born Commercial Property Management Agency

Introduction of MB

Beijing Match Born Commercial Management Co., Ltd (`Match Born Corporation¨ for short below), was founded in 2006. Aim at whole sales plan and commercial management service in China, Match Born holds a multinational, powerful and expert team, and has plenty of completely operating experience on real estate projects. Having completed many successful and famous cases, Match Born Corporation has become a professional corporation in field of real estate. In May 2007, Match Born United States was established in San Francisco, and made a great deal on a Tianjin sales project with bargain on approximately 100,000,000RMB.

From founded, Match Born has taken charge of three significant whole sales projects in Tianjin, which are Tianjin Meijiang Shopping Street, MOT. Mall of Tianbang and TOWN Zhongtang,Business Villa. In addition, Match Born built a cooperation partnership with Bridge Investment Group (United State) in September 26, 2007, and signed a agreement on taking charge of the Sales plan in China for Tinian Ocean view Resort Condominium in Tinian, U.S.

Match Born Corporation, the name was transliterated from `Match¨ and `Born¨.
Match: Release energy and bring people brightness and heat;
Compete fairly and help each other;
Set everyone on the appropriate place, so that they may act and affect efficiently.
Born: Full of youthful spirit and hope

Teams in organization:
  ¢ Main part of the Team: Match Born USA. Inc
                Beijing Match Born Commercial Management Co., Ltd
                Beijing Match Born Real Estate Broker Co., Ltd

   ¢  Advertising Team: Beijing Wushitianxia Advertising Co., Ltd

   ¢  Video Team: Beijing Mohuanshi digital technical Co., Ltd

   ¢ Consultant Team: TM Century Investment Consultant Co., Ltd
              (China and Japan joint-stock)
              Golden Hill Investment Co., Ltd (United State)

Our service:
Investigation Analysis; Product Orientation; Marketing Orientation; Marketing Creation; Advertisement Promotion; Variable Training; Plan Executive; Project Consultant; All-round Service; Commercial agent; Lead-in Working Mode; Advertising Plan

Our achievement:
   ¢ Whole procedure of rent or sell: Tianjin Meijiang New Bay, Tianjin MOT Shopping Mall, Beijing Times Plaza, Beijing Ruisai
     Mansion, Beijing River View, Beijing Tonggang Mansion.

   ¢ Business consultant: Beijing Fulllink Plaza, Beijing Oriental Plaza, Beijing Vision International Centre, Beijing Kaiheng
     Center,Beijing Dadushi Street, Wulumuqi Guangming Soho.

   ¢ Advertising Agency: Beijing Dushuyizhi, Beijing Sainaweila, Beijing Tongyong International Center, Beijing Country
     Garden,Beijing Tianlunsuiyuan.

Our Advantages:
  ¢ Offering the service of sell and buy of business real property.

   ¢ Offering the service of production orientation.

   ¢ Offering the service for developers, enhancing the promotion.

   ¢ Offering the service of resell of the property, gaining the maximal profit.

Successful Cases

Meijiang New Bay


Tianjin Xinyan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Xinhai Investment Group

Property Management:
Shanghai Culture Property Management Company

Construction Scale:

Acquiring 35,000 square meters, total construction area is 56,000 square meters, including 36,000 square meters on the ground and 20,000 square meters underground


The crossing of Meijiang Friendship Road and Zhujiang Road


  ¢ The project is in the south of Tianjin City, and Jiefang Southern Road is in its east, Weinanwa View Area is in its west,
     Yujiang Road is in the north. The project is next to Heiniucheng Road, owning convenient location; for example, it is 6
     km from the downtown, 8 km from High Education District, 21 km from airport, and 14 km from Jin-Hu highway crossing.

   ¢  As the symbol of Tianjin city, Meijiang New Bay perfectly combined business, construction and art together; attracting all
     the riches in this area, and it will raise the rich height of the city.

Town Business Villa


NEO China Land Investment Group Co., Ltd


In the south of Nankai District, from Chengxiang Middle Road in the east, Fengli Road in the west, Nancheng Street in the south, Walking Street in the north.

Remarkable Location:

There are many commercial functions around the Town Business Villa, and it is in the core of high living level of this area. Around the villa area, there are other classical districts, such like Cheng Shang Cheng, Fuli Cheng, Central Love Cheng, Soho, and Eleventh Residence.

Convenient Transportation:
Ten minutes¨ walk from Subway One, and Subway Two, which is under construction, is also in its surrounding; there are more than 40 bus lines here, which are in 15 minutes¨ walk.

Project Introduction:
   ¢ Town business sole villa (6#、9#、19#)

   ¢ Core center of Laochengxiang, next to Gulou Business Street, 120,000 people¨s everyday, which means numerous
     business opportunities.

   ¢ Best facilities, lower floor construction, so there is nearly no difference among floors; central air conditioner

   ¢ Chinese traditional constructive style, showing its gorgeousness; part of villas can be rented, which will bring quick return.

   ¢ It will become an international district, containing 84,000 residents, who will become the main source of consumption.

   ¢ 6#building 1264O? 9#building 4347O?? 19#building 1855O


Recent Cases
Tinian Oceanview Resort Condominium


Bridge Investment Group, LLC (U.S.)

Sight design:
Shandong Tianyuan construction design academy

Shandong Tianyuan construction Group

   ¢ Tinian Island !! Located in South Pacific Ocean, the second main island in the Northern Mariana Islands, by the famous
     Mariana Trench. There are only 3 sea miles from Tinian to Saipan, and about one hour distance by speed boat. The     Chinese visitor can travel Tinian easily, with only 5 hours fly from Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.

   ¢ The Project !! Covering a total area of 7 hectares, with the construction area of 29,000 square meters for the Hotel and
     the Casino, and total construction area of 48,000 square meters.

The project will include an Oceanview Resort Condominium (301 Units), with a Casino, 150 villa, employee¨s office and accommodation.

   ¢ Steady profit from rent: Gambling may speed the development of Condominium, bring steady rent profit.

   ¢ Increase in value: Along with the developing, the house rate increase continually; the developing of tourism will attract high
     class consumers, in order to increase the profit of the condominium and the property.

   ¢ Traveling: Enjoy your own room for free when traveling in CNMI.

MOT Shopping Centre


Investment Group:
Shanghai Feizhou enterprise development (Group) Co., Ltd
          Tianjin Tianbang Investment development Co., Ltd

Construction Design:
China International Engineering Design & Consult Co., Ltd

Construction Department:
Ash stack management committee of Changqing Office, Jinnan District, Tianjin City

Construction Supervision:
Shanghai Jinhua Engineering Consultation and supervision Co., Ltd

Leading by entertainment consume, create a paradisiacal shopping centre for family consumes in Tianjin.


Located in the cross of the two main road, Dagu South Road and Zhujiang Road


A big commercial project, covering a total construction area of 100,000 square meters.

   ¢ Total amount of investment: 300,000,000one floor underground and four floors.

   ¢ Integrate with supermarket, electronic, clothing, restaurant, entertainment, economical hotel, multi-side fields & one-stop
     shopping, composing and only family shopping paradise with full-function &fashion.

   ¢ Bounded with three districts, combine with city and country, five universities, above 100 communities solely occupying the
     consumption area of the only mature community. The first line of the subway and over 10 lines of buses intersect there. The
     No.7 line of subway will be built behind the MOT project

The first super shopping mall in Tianjin. MOT was reputed as one of the commercial keystone project.